Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Placement

Being an Interior Designer - you get to learn some some neat tricks sometimes, tricks that make you really look like you know what you are doing! Well this trick takes the guess work out of hanging anything on your walls without the need for multiple nail holes or hours of frustration.  I use this method especially when I am hanging multiple items and need to artisically arrange the grouping.

It's quite simple really but I will share it with you now.

First, pick your wall space and the picture/mirror that you wish to hang.

Then gather your supplies...scissors, tape and newspaper.

 Cut, shape, tear and tape the newspaper sheets in the EXACT shape of your chosen wall hanging.

Place the shaped newspaper on the wall with some low-tack tape and move around to your heart's content.  Stand back and check the positioning several times and WHEN you are ready and only when you are ready - you can put the hook in the wall using your favourite method. (My favourite are the hercules hooks that leave minimal damage and need no tools whatsoever).


Ta dah!

This method also works when you need to choose or reposition large pieces of furniture or to redesign a room's layout.  (Note, it helps enormously if you have each piece of furniture's dimensions before you start) With a completely empty room, lay sheets of newspaper on the floor (no need to tape this time) in the rough shape of the sofa, coffee table, TV unit.  You can then move around the newspaper until you get it how you like it - take a photo from a good vantage point and then get to moving the real furniture!

This way you can double, triple, quadruple make sure that you can move around in the space and if everything fits PLUS you save a lot of back ache!

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