Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melting March Madness

Oh the sheer joy of creating something old into something new and thus saving the planet one miniscule piece at a time! 

It all started one innocent day when I took a trip to my local Michaels (for something completely unrelated to this post of course!) and spotted a "Crayola Crayon Maker" on the shop floor.  So into the basket it went and I eagerly drove home and ripped into the box like a kid on christmas morning raring to try the new contraption.  WELL, to say that I was disappointed was an understatement.....I know that I shouldn't have expected much and the toy is really just that - a toy, so I can't really complain too much.

ANYWAY, it got me to thinking....is there a better way of creating new crayons?  Turns out that there is, and it is much better AND cheaper AND more satisfying.  This is not a new concept to some, but I thought it was so worth sharing.  So here is my ever first tutorial on crayon making....enjoy!

The only equipment you are going to need is some small silcone molds, broken crayons, a baking sheet and an oven.  I found this pretty (and cheap!) molds in the childrens cooking section at Hobby Lobby. 
See - I only paid $1.99 each!
 After removing all the paper from the crayons, I tried to organise the colours into "like minded" collections.  I was also trying to fill the mold completely without overfilling.
A close up of my colour matching.

 Bake in a 250-275F oven for approximately 10 to 12 minutes.  Allow to cool completely before turning out.
 And here is the finished product! I initially thought that the fruit molds would yield the best results but I fell in love with the teddy bear crayons as soon as I saw them. 

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