Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harvest festival

It's that time of year when the weather starts improving to the point that we actually take a long and hard look at the damage winter has done to our back and front yards.  We envision what our spaces should look like so that we can enjoy them to their full potential in the summer, and of course the sweat equity needed to fulfill that potential, (even if we have no intention of doing the work ourselves!).

With that in mind, and after a trip to my local hardware store (for something completely unrelated I must add), the store reminded me that it was "that time of year" to start the seedlings.  Not that I am an experienced gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have a yearly habit of "trying" to grow tomato plants and each year I "try" another seedling.  Which normally fails epically!!!  Although last years trial of Jalapeno plants was a roaring success, (something I would like to recreate this year).  So this year's doomed optimistic seedlings are: Tomatos, jalapenos and broccoli.  (With broccoli being the new kid on the block).  I'll be adding to the list of vegetables/fruits later on when planting season is upon us, but for now - they are the only seedlings.

Some time ago, someone gave me the secret for a no cost option for starting seedlings. So enjoy and I hope that I have inspired some green fingers to start planting.And if anyone would like to know exactly how to make the seed pots, let me know and I'll try to post a tutorial.


  1. I love your gardening optimism! ;o) Great reuse of the newspaper...I think you definitely need to post a tutorial! Happy blogging, friend!

  2. Looking forward to your blog posts! I'm hooked on blogs and found you through your friend Erin's blog which I also follow! We have a huge garden 1/4 acre...and this year we decided to skip our own seedlings and purchase locally. Last year they didn't do well for us and it was a lot of time and $ involved for no return so we are taking a yr. off! I hope you have better luck than we did!!
    Good luck with the's an enjoyable world!