Sunday, March 27, 2011


Inspiration - it can hit you at any moment and sometimes in the weirdest of places but more often than not, it can leave you without any warning.  Otherwise known as a flash of brilliance, a lightning bolt, a light bulb moment, inspiration is worth listening to or in the case of myself, writing it down so that I will not forget it later on! Inspiration is the starting point from where great things can happen.

So in an effort to preserve my more fluid thoughts, I always carry around with me at all times a writing implement and some form of paper.  (Side note - I have always done this although it was cemented into me when I attended University, studying Design).  However, the paper I carry around may or may not be an actual sheet of identifiable paper, nine times out of ten it is a sales receipt, (Starbucks receipts being the common theme!), more than once a paper napkin, but they do act as a wonderful reminder for me once I get home.  Speaking of which, I have a brightly coloured hard backed journal at home to which I can either expand on the idea, glue the receipt into, stick a ripped out magazine article or in general doodle in the margin.....the latter being the most apparent!  And so it is from this very journal that I will be relying on now to bring forth future blog posts, so my fingers are crossed that the ideas are interesting and perhaps more apt, that I can read my own handwriting.

In closing, my point I am trying to make here I guess, is to embrace your Eureka moments, remember them, expand them and more importantly remember little old me when you are rich and famous! 

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